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Deep-water Fish

Quantifying Delayed Mortality from Barotrauma
Impairment in Discarded Red Snapper Using
Acoustic Telemetry

Venting or Rapid Recompression Increase Survival and Improve Recovery of Red Snapper with Barotrauma

Direct observation of fishing effort, catch, and discard rates of charter boats targeting reef fishes in the northern Gulf of Mexico

Recreational Angler Attitudes and Perceptions Regarding the Use of Descending Devices in Southeast Reef Fish Fisheries

Inshore Fish

Catch-and-Release Mortality of Spotted Seatrout in Texas

Large circle hooks and short leaders with fixed weights reduce incidence of deep hooking in angled adult red drum

Tournament Angling

Catch-and-Release Mortality of Spotted Seatrout in Texas: Effects of Tournaments, Seasonality, and Anatomical Hooking Location


A comparison of circle hook and J hook performance in the recreational shark fishery off Maryland


A comparison between circle hook and J hook performance in the dolphinfish, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo troll fishery off the coast of North Carolina


Application of pop-up satellite archival tag technology to estimate postrelease survival of white marlin (Tetrapturus albidus) caught on circle and straight-shank (“J”) hooks in the western North Atlantic recreational fishery